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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hi! This is an advertising blog I advertise your blogs here. The only pay for the advertising is joining this site. Here are a few rules.

   Rule 1: Don't unjoin the blog. If you do, then bye bye to me advertising your blog/s until you rejoin.
   Rule 2: If you want to have another blog advertised and you've already joined the blog then you get the other ones free! 
   Rule 3: If you have a google account and a blogger account and it shows your google account on the join site thing unless you are an admin on the blog, then comment that and I will believe you. Unless you are anonymous or an anonymous with a name. Example: LaLaLa doesn't have a google/blogger accunt and says she is Lana Oppoli (fake name). Example 2: Anonymous says they are Werddd and says ~Werddd.